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The pandemic Year 2020 recap and Recovery

March - July 2020 (Lockdown begins)

After weighing about 62 kg for most of my life, Thanks to the pandemic I touched the 68.5 kg mark. I was a regular runner before the pandemic, used to go for morning runs 3-4 times a week, and log 30-40 km per week.

I was at my peak of running when this pandemic started back in March 2020, I remembered My last running event was on 1 March 2020, It was a 6 hrs team relay event where a team of 6 runners has to run 1 hrs each, and I have logged 13.5 km in 1 hr (Strava activity) and as a team, we have completed around approx. 66km to bag 1 place prize in 6hrs relay run. I was really happy with the progress of my upcoming Berlin marathon trip in September 2020. When the pandemic started, outdoor running totally stopped, So I started indoor exercise, just before the pandemic started I bought a pull-up rod, So I started with pull-ups and push-ups. We have also done a virtual running relay of 12 hrs, so in that, I ran 2 times for 15 mins each inside my house (Run 1, Run 2).

After doing it for 1-2 months I started to get bored with indoor exercise and start missing outdoor runs. and eventually stopped doing indoor exercise. And I always eat unhealthy foods, just because I was doing runs and exercise previously, it did make such a difference in my health and weight. But now I have stopped working out and continue eating unhealthy food, I have started affecting my health, Which started from back pain, Due to which I have to sleep on the floor without a mattress for straight 1 week. Then I started a little bit of yoga But didn't continue. And slowly my weight increased, I didn't have a weight machine so I didn't know about my increasing weight. But I was feeling it whenever I go for walk or do some heavy work.

August - November 2020 (Self-realisation)

And then August 2020, When the pandemic situation got a little better, I decided to step out and go for walk, This is my picture of when I stepped outside for the first time in 6-7 months of not doing exercise, you can clearly see the stomach, that is really not a normal for me and I feeling it.

But the journey of recovery started from there only. Two days after that, I went cycling (Starva activity). I remembered at one moment during that cycling session I was about to blackout. But somehow managed to complete and reached home safely. And I have ordered a weighing machine, weighing around 68-68.5 kg at that time. I continued to do cycling and after some time around mid-September, I started running doing running. And I the first running workout I felt the weight, After running a full marathon (42.2 km) in the same year in January, I struggle to run for around 2 km in one go. I was really struggling because of increased weight and lack of practice. I continued to do a little bit of running along with cycling and I got injured, again I was not able to run and even walk. I pushed myself too much in September. I remembered my last run before going for rest for 2 weeks. It was a Berlin marathon virtual event (Strava Activity) (Thanks to the pandemic main event get canceled). For the next 1-2 weeks, I rested well and did some walks until I got fully recovered. In the second week of October I started running regularly again and By the end of October, I have completed 3 half marathons on weekends along with normal weekday running sessions. Also, I have started losing weight, It was around 65-66kg in November 2020.

December 2020 - March 2021 (Moving back to hometown)

In December 2020, I shifted to my hometown and started regular running with the target of 100 km/month and one-half marathon every month and I have achieved it every month till April 2021. And in January 2021 I signed for the first non-virtual running event since last March 2020. I started preparing for it, But my weight was not going down due to which I was struggling to increase my pace. Losing weight was not normal for me, I didn't have any experience with that, after researching I found out that since I moved to my hometown my diet is increased because of delicious homemade food. So I have started reducing the portion of my daily food. I realise that I was eating much more than my body needed. I started to see the difference.

That running event which I signed in for happened in February 2021 and It was the hardest run of all time. I remembered not being able to walk for the last 1-1.5 km of run, but somehow I completed it and once piece to bag 8/29 place (Strava Activity), but it was a great experience. I continued my running habit after that, and with the proper food portion and continuous running/working out, I was losing weight. In March 2021, I was again at my peak of running, and then...

April 2021 (Lockdown returns)

In April 2021, the Second wave started, so everything is going to shut down again. But this time I knew what all mistakes I have done last time when the pandemic started. Even after the lockdown, I have continued exercising and 1-2 runs on weekends (Advantage of being in my hometown Dehradun). Even though I was not doing a lot of workouts and running I still maintained my weight, Last week of May 2021, I weigh around 61.2 kg. Now I am more conscious about what i eat and how much I eat. It helped me a lot to be in shape, But cheat days are always there, whenever you want to eat something good.

So, I can say i have completed by journey from 68 to 61, not by doing lot of exercise and running but by eating enough food, what my body requires. Combining both little bit of exercise and eating proper portion of food you can be in shape.

Stay home stay safe 🏡

Peace ✌️

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